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Tibetan Affairs

Department of Tibetan Affairs


I. Functions
(1) Regarding research and planning of Tibetan policy and the current situation.
(2) Handling and coordination regarding Tibetan related affairs.
(3) Regarding verification and promotion of various exchanges between Taiwan and Tibetan inhabited areas.
(4) Regarding contacts and services for Tibetans and Tibetan associations.
(5) Regarding other items of Tibetan affairs.

II. Important work
(1) Promotion of civilian exchanges with the Mainland Tibetan inhabited areas.
1. Coordinate with the civilian organizations, organize exchanges activities with the Mainland Tibetan areas to conduct academic, cultural, medical and educational visits between the two sides.
2. Commission a civilian organization to organize a Mainland Tibetan dance performance and art and cultural exhibition exchange activities, and enhance mutual understanding.
3. Work with civilians to provide humanitarian aid to the remote areas of Tibet and medical and health bodies.
(2) Strengthen contact and exchange with international Tibetan research agencies for a research plan of Tibetan policy and current situations.
1. Organize Tibetan international conferences to strengthen contact with the scholars of international Tibetologists and academic institutions.
2. Organize symposiums on important Tibetan topics and invite scholars and professionals for participation, discussion, and academic exchanges.
3. Collect information on current Tibetan situations and provide immediate analyses for the reference of Tibetan policy planning.
4. Classify and build an archive of the various Tibetan information for research reference.
(3) Strengthen the relationship between the ROC and Central Tibetan Administration, in corporation with international Tibetan aid organizations, and provide humanitarian aid to overseas Tibetans.
1. Contact international Tibet aid organizations or charity groups to provide humanitarian aid to overseas Tibetan settlements, and to improve medical and health conditions which in turn will increase our visibility throughout the world and enable the ROC to participate in the international community.
(4) Provide guidance to Tibetans based in Taiwan and respect underprivileged groups. 1. Contact and serve Tibetans in Taiwan, coordinate with civilian organizations, organize Tibetan ceremonies, subsidize poor Tibetans and provide emergency aid and livelihood subsidy.
1. Provide guidance to the Tibetans who have received resident visas to learn Chinese for strengthening their communication ability; and offer vocational training to improve their employment skills.
2. Provide a counseling service to the Tibetan Buddhist organizations and Tibetan monks visiting Taiwan to spread Dharma.
3. Help Tibetan students to study Tibetan in Taiwan.

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