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Research series on special topics
6th Research on Panchen's Political
ole under the Chinese Communist Ruler
Wang Mei-hsia Jan., 1985
7th Tibet and KMT since 1924 Sun Zu-he March, 1985
8th How to Provide Guidance Kalmakh
Mongolians to conduct Higher Political
Liu Shui-chao April, 1985
9th Probe of Changes in Mongolian
Communism in Outer Mongolian Current
Situation since 1971
Li, Yu-shu May, 1985
10th Present Phase Policy of Chinese
Communist Rule of Tibet
Chao, Guo-Tsai July, 1985
11th pecial Characteristic of Tibetan Buddhism
>Especially its Ceremonies, doctrine and
monastic education
Hsu, Ming-Yin Aug., 1985
12th Research on Chinese So-called
Reclamation of Chinghai"
Hwang, Peng-hsiao Aug., 1985
13th Criticism of Nationalities Theory of
Chinese Communism
Yeh, Bo-tang Oct., 1985
14th Talk about Mongolian Strategic Status Chang, Chan-hwa Nov., 1985
15th Transformation Experience by the 13th
Dalai Lama
Wang, Ji-lin Dec., 1985
16th Formation Reason of Tibet's "Combination
of Politics and Religion"
Wang, Chang-ling Jan., 1986
17th Relation between Tibet's Regent Reting
Hutuktu and Central Government
Sun Zu-he Feb., 1986
18th Research on the Deterioration of Relation
between Central and Tibetan Region
during End of Ching Dyansty and
Beginning of Republic
Lu, Chiu-wen March, 1986
19th Research and Analysis of Words and
Deeds of Dalai Lama after the Revolt in
1959 against Communism
Liu, Hsui-chao & others April, 1986
20th Research of Border Affairs of Tibet-Hshikhang after Simla Agreement Wang, Mei-hsia May, 1986
21st Triangle Relationship surrounding the
Confrontation between Chinese and
Russian Communists
Li, Yu-shu June, 1986
22nd Examination of Error in Setting of Pamir
Border Question
Chao, Guo-tsai July, 1986
23rd Probing Sino-Russian Negotiation at
HulunPer during Beginning of Republic
Li, Yu-shu Aug., 1986
24th Regarding Tibetan Monastery Hsiao, Chin-song Sept., 1986
25th Hsu, Shu-cheng and Outer Mongolian
Removal of Governance
Lu, Chiu-wen Jan., 1987
26th Changes of Tibetan Regional Administrative
Organization Before and After Chinese
Communist Entry into Tibet - concurrent
statement on Tibetan overseas refugee
Sun, Zu-he Feb., 1987
27th System of Tribute during Ching Dynasty
Tibet towards the Center
Yang, Chia-ming April., 1987
28th Entry of Chinese Communist Army into
Tibet and so-called "Peace Agreement"
Wang, Chang-ling May., 1987
29th Probe of Early Mongolian and Tibetan
Chang, Chun-yi Aug., 1987
30th Chi-shan's Administration of Tibet Yang, Chia-ming Oct., 1987
31st Discussion about Armed Conflict Japan
and Russia at the bogus boundary of
Manchuria and its influence
Li, Yu-shu Nov., 1987
32nd Buddhist Tradition of Tibet Hsu, Ming-yin Dec., 1987
33rd Discussion on Outer Mongolia from the
National Defense Geographical Perspective
Jia, Hu-ting Jan., 1988
34th Research on Conflict between India and
Chinese Communist
Sun, Zu-he Feb., 1988
35th Research on Russia Achieving it Purpose of
Conspiracy on Outer Mongolia
Lu, Chiu-wen May, 1988
36th Summary of Tibetan Official Currency
during Ching Dynasty
Yang, Chia-ming June, 1988
37th The Whole Story of Spring Uprising in
Lhasa against Chinese Communist
Chang, Chun-yi Dec., 1988
38th Superficial talk on Tibet-Khang Division of
border question
Yang, Chia-ming March, 1989
39th Diplomatic Relation between Jungher
and Russia
Li, Yu-shu May, 1989
40th Development of all Previous Uprisings Against
Chinese Communist and Future Prospect
Wang, Chang-ling June, 1989
41st Mashiang Chungpajey and Islam Dazlukon -
Politics and Religion before Establishing
Buddhism in Tibet
Lin, Kuan-chun Sept., 1989
42nd Border Defense between Daam
Mongolian and Ching Dynasty Tibet
Yang, Chia-ming     Oct., 1989
43rd Relation between Outer Mongolia and
Chinese Communist during 1980s
Liao, Shu-shing Nov., 1989
44th Arhot Research and Regarding Chinese
Liu, Shui-chao Dec., 1989
45th The Whole Story of the 13th Dalai Lama's
First time Escape from Tibet - Reason of
Estrangement between Tibetan and Central.
Sun, Zu-he May, 1990
46th Analysis of US Role on the Question of
Chang, Chun-yi June, 1990
47th Discussion on Tibetan History and its
Historical Document during Tang Dynasty
Lin, Kuan-chun June, 1990
48th Account of Establishment of
Gaden Phodrang Reign
Chen, Yu-hsin Aug., 1990
49th Chinese Analyses of Tibetology and others Liu, Shui-chao Nov., 1990
50th Nationalities Education of Autonomous
Region of Inner Mongolia of Communist
Lin, Shiu-che Dec., 1990
51st Discussion on Outward Expansion of Tibet
during Tang Dynasty
Lin, Kuan-chun April, 1991
52nd Present Phase of Political Reform in
Outer Mongolia
Liao, Shu-shing July, 1991
53rd Chinese Communist and "Government of
Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia"
Wang, Chang-ling Sept., 1991
54th Tibetan Affairs before Leaving of 13th
Dalai Lama to India to Simla Conference
Sun, Zu-he Feb., 1992
55th Setting up of Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs
Commission and its Significance
Liu, Shui-chao Feb., 1992
56th Unrest of Gongpo Namgyal at border of
Sichuan during the end Ching Dynasty
Sun, Zu-he Nov., 1992
57th Profile of Research and Education of
Part of Current US Tibetologists
Lin, Kuan-chun March, 1994
58th Tibetology Research and Education in
Shen, Wei-rong June, 1994
59th Inner Mongolian Reform and Opening Up Wang, Chang-ling  Aug., 1994
60th 13th Dalai Lama's Passing Away and
Regent Reting
Liu, Shui-chao Nov., 1994
61st Origin or Nyingma Tradition of Tibetan
Buddhism and its Development
Gyurmed Samdup  Dec., 1994
62nd The Whole Story of Inner Mongolian
Ulanfu and "Neiren Party" incident
Wang, Chang-ling Feb., 1995
63rd Argument and Correction of Use of
Historical Reality in Chinese Communist
"White Paper on Tibet"
Yang, Chia-ming May, 1995
64th Account of Central Government's
Handling of Enthronement of Panchen
Erdini's Reincarnation Recognized
by the 14th Dalai Lama
Sun, Zu-he June, 1995
65th Introduction of Selected Documents from
the Chinese and Foreign Historical
Books on Lifan Yuan
Chao, Yun-tien July, 1995
66th Development of Tibet's Modern Higher
Liao, Shu-shing Nov., 1995
67th Summary of Process Inner Mongolian
Economic Reform
Chin, Shao-shu Dec., 1995
68th Probe into the Relation between Fifth Dalai
Lama and Depa Sangye Gyatso
Chen, Ching-ying Feb., 1996
69th Chinese Communist Tibetan Education Wang, Chang-ling  May, 1996
70th Reincarnation after the Passing Away of
Panchen and Process of 11th Panchen's
Sun, Zu-he May, 1996
71st Tang Nu Uliang Hai Ming-fang July, 1996
72nd Continued Chapter of Mongolian and
Tibetan Affairs Commission's Brief History -
Supplemented with curriculum vitae of
Past Chairmen of the Commission
Liu, Shui-chao July, 1996
73rd Tibet's Great Change - from 1949 to 1959 Wang, Chang-ling     July, 1996
74th Draft Summary of Mongolian League and Flag
System and Tibetan Combination of Politics
and Religion System
Liu, Shui-chao,
Chen, Yu-hsin
Dec., 1996
75th Mongolian and Tibetan research in Taiwan during Past Decade Wang, Wei-fang
Yang, Chia-ming
Jan., 1997
76th Looking at Mongolian Question from the
Perspective of Law and Politics
Liu, Shui-chao Feb., 1997
77th    Research on Marriage between Mongolian
Yuan and Hsia, Chin Kao Chang
Lin, En-hsien April, 1997
78th 10th Panchen Erdini Choekyi Gyaltsen Sun, Zu-he May, 1997
79th  Draft Thesis on Pastureland Culture Damusu
   June, 1997
80th Research and Evaluation of Development of
Research on Mainland China's Tibetan Area's
Nationalities (198    - 1992)
Lin, Kuan-chun July, 1997
81st The Evolution of Mongolian Tengri Idea            Hu, Chi-The Sept., 1997
82nd    Discussion on Feeling of Writing History on
Biography of Altan Khan
Hwang, Li-sheng Dec., 1997
83rd Chinese Communist's Cultural Affairs in
Tibetan Area - from 1990 to 1996
Wang, Chang-ling Feb, 1998
84th Mongolian National Great Hural after the
Democratic Reform - Parliament of
"Alliance of Democratic Groups"
Liao, Shu-shing April, 1998
85th Thesis on Mongolian History During Ming Dynasty Bo, In-hu June, 1998
86th Recovery of Outer Mongolian Sovereignty Chang, Chi-hsiung June, 1998
87th Tea of Yachou pian and Tibet Sun, Zu-he July, 1998
88th New Probe into Mongolian Vernacular Stele Hu, Chi-the Nov., 1998
89th Handling the Tibetan Related Segregation During
Pre-Ching Dynasty Period
Chen, Yu-hsin Dec., 1998
90th Probe into Early Indian Art of Making Statue Chang, Chun-yi March, 1999
91st Analysis of Dalai Lama's Strategy of
Internationalizing "Tibet Issue"
Yang, Khai-huang April, 1999
92nd Curbing Integration by Self-determination: Clash
of Ideas between China and the West on Tibet Issue
Shieh, Chian April, 1999
93rd Summary of Current Mainland China's Research
of Mongolian Linguistics and Etymology
Pao, Li-kao April, 1999
94th Summary of Current Mainland China's Research
of Mongolian Study
Kuo, Kuan-lien June, 1999
95th Activities of Buryatia People in the Inner Mongolia
- (1921 - 1928)
Lan, Mei-hwa July, 1999
96th Mongolian Chin Chang Han Guo's Influence in the
Establishment of Russian Nationalities Country
Chao, Chu-cheng Sept., 1999
97th Political Status of Tibet Lu, Chiu-wen Nov., 1999
98th Maoshan Priest under the Rule of Yuan Dynasty Cheng, Su-chun Dec., 1999
99th Entry Tien Tea into Tibet and its Influence of Tibet Sun, Zu-he Feb., 2000
100th Collection of thesis on the Eighth Anniversary
Memorial of Professor Ouyang Wuwei
Chang, Chun-yi
Chief Editor
March, 2000
101st Rgyan phran of Tibetan King during Tang Dynasty Lin, Kuan-chun March, 2000
102nd Princess Liu - Tibetan Culture's Mode of Transition Wang, Yu-rong May, 2000
103rd Design of Political System and Political Stability:
Outer Mongolia as an Example
Wang, Wei-fang June, 2000
104th Outer Mongolian Relation with Chinese
Communist in the Past Decade
Liao, Shu-shing July, 2000
107th Translation and Annotation of Tibetan Aphorisms
of Water, Wood, Fire and Wind
Hsiao, Chin-song Dec., 2000
106th  Outer Mongolia's Relation with Chinese
Communist during Tsedenbal's Period
Lan, Mei-hwa Oct., 2000
105th Temple of Phaspa, the Teacher of Emperor   Aug., 2000
108th Origin and Development of Prasangika School's
Doctrine of Tibetan Buddhism
Chen, Yu-hsin March, 2001
109th Chao Er-feng and Chan Tui 's Change Chang, Chiu-wen Aug., 2001
110th All Mongolia Unification Movement -
A Different Perspective of Khalkha Independence
Chang, Chi-hsiung Dec., 2001
111th   Discussion, Edition and Linguistic Development
and Evolution - Course of Battle of Conscious
Culture on Modern "Tibetan Topic"
Hsieh, Shi-chung Dec., 2001
112th Compilation of Important Mongolian and Tibetan
Policy Since the Beginning of the Republic
Hsu, Chen-kuang
Chief Editor
Dec. 2001
113th Envoy of Golden Word in the History of Tibet Chen, Yu-hsin March, 2002
114th Mongolian Conscious and its complication with
Chinese Identification - Outer Mongolia's
Independence Movement at the Beginning of
Republic and Inner Mongolia's Reaction
Huang, Li-sheng June, 2002
115th Separate and Close Relation between China
and Mongolia during Ching Dynasty and the
Beginning of Republic
Liu, Shui-chao Aug., 2002
116th Rule of Two Regional Yuans during the
Yuan Dynasty
Hu, Chi-the Sept., 2002
117th Xinjiang Mongolians under the Chinese
Communist Rule
Li, hsin-cheng Dec., 2002
118th Summary of Comprehensive Development of
Tibet's Areas of "Dividing Rivers" during
1990s in the 20th century
Sun, Zu-he Dec., 2002
119th Northern Court after the An-shi Unrest Wang, Ji-lin Dec., 2002
120th Research of inconsistancies of Tibetan culture during Tang Dynasty in the Chinese historical records Lin, Kuan-chun Dec., 2003

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