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FAQ I would like to ask travel related information on Mongolia such as: weather, altitude, hygienic condition, prices of commodities, language, etc. 096/09/26
  Climate: Typical continental climate, January average 15-35℃, July average 25℃.
Altitude: Located north of the Mongolian plateau, average altitude 1580m.
Hygienic condition: Arid Mongolian climate, strong sunshine. Do not forget to carry sun blocks, moisturizers and eyedrops.
Prices of commodities: Similar to China.
Language: Mainly speak Mongolian; portion of people speak Russian, Chinese and English
We suggest you also contact ULAANBAATAR TRADE AND ECONOMIC OFFICE IN TAIPEI: Tel: 02-27229740
Or see related books such as: Empire of grassland- Mongolia,Writed by Huang Li-Ru,Mook,ISBN:9867941241 etc.
And related website: Mongolia - Backpackers at:
FAQ How to remove the downloaded desktop picture provided by the Commission? 096/09/26
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2. Then click on (X) upper right screen and close it or select from the upper left scroll down and close it.
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FAQ I would like to visit Mongolian and Tibetan areas for journey. How can I receive information about these areas? 096/09/26
  The information relating to the of Mongolian and Tibetan areas, besides in the travel journals in the market, you can also find detail information at the Mongolian and Tibetan Culture Center (3 Chingtien Street, Lane 8, Taipei, Taiwan; Tel: 2351 4280), or you may contact the related phone number on to our web page and receive best possible necessary information.
FAQ When was Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs Commission established? 096/09/26
  Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs Commission was established on July 11, 1928 and started official business since its opening ceremony held on February 1, 1929.

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